Quest Screen House 6 PRO Shelter – 2023


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– Instant shelter in under a minute…

This is the Pro version of the best selling Screen House 6. It is still the simplest, quickest, easiest and best gazebo on the market. It has 6 sides and is built and designed so one person can erect (or take it down) in less

The Screen House Pro has the same built in, premium Quest No-Chill mesh panels all around, including over the doorway as the standard screen house. This enables you to have a full insect screen all around, but still allows you full 360 degree views from all around. The mesh allows air flow in and out of the screen house, which ensures it is safe to cook under (naked flames and heat sources must be kept away from the sides at all times) as you have full air flow. Whilst the mesh allows air flow it does stop the wind chill. This works by allowing the air through the mesh, but it breaks the wind up as the air passes through the mesh and this removes that wind chill factor, perfect when you just want to sit out of the wind, but still want uninterrupted views all around.

The roof is waterproof and taped (the mesh sides are not) and UV coated to give you 50+ uv rating to help protect you and the screen house itself from the suns harmful rays. This helps ensure that on a hot day you get an excellent amount of shade and protection. This combined with the mesh sides is why the screen house works so well all year round. It is warmer in the wind and cooler in the sun, whilst allowing great views all the time. The Screen House Pro then has additional zip down full sides with windows. So on top of the mesh sides you get additional full cover sides that can simply be zipped down to close and give extra weather protection and privacy, or up to allow full views and access to the mesh panels. The full sides also have a window in the top of them with an external blind allowing you to close the side, but still have a window open to allow light and the views in.

It uses the latest generation premium hub system which has been improved on again making it smaller, lighter and more durable, whilst maintaining its ease of use and ability to be repaired if required. The premium hub system has been improved over the last 5 years to produce the best balance between weight, performance, and maintenance.

The Screen House 6 Pro also features the new accessory zip. This is a full zip that runs around the entire front of the screen house allowing for additional accessories to be attached to extend the features of your screen house. These accessories include a full canopy which gives you a large covered external space to the front of the screen house for extra weather protection. Also the Screen Shield which is a 180cm high extendable windbreak that can be zipped onto the front of you screen house to give you a fully protected area to the front of your screen house. The Screen House 6 Pro also has an additional doorway. This means that you can have two entrances for exits, you can also zip two or more Screen House 6’s together to form a Screen House village. The additional doorway also means that you get two accessory zips, which allows you to use more than one accessory at a time giving you greater flexibility.


  • Featuring the Quest Tec 210 performance fabric
  • Single person pitch: Easiest to use shelter on the market, with nothing to assemble, tension or inflate
  • Stronger and more stable than its rivals
  • Full Quest No-Chill mesh sides, and double zipped front door, premium quality and strength throughout
  • Full, sewn in Quest Tec 210 fabric sides with crystal clear windows and external blinds
  • Warmer in the wind and cooler in the sun
  • U.V. coated protection giving a 50+ UV rating
  • Premium hub : Latest generation frame system, maximising strength, whilst minimising weight and increasing performance
  • Waterproof roof allowing the water to run off
  • Extremely easy to put away into its own bag
  • Side panels can be used in conjunction with canopy pole kit to create shaded areas outside of the screen house
  • Extra pegging points and storm straps on every side
  • Full accessory zip allowing for additional options
  • Quest No-Chill premium, max strength mesh.
  • Crystal clear windows.
  • Fabric: Quest Tec 210
  • Frame: Premium Hub with solid fiberglass poles.
  • HH: 2000 mm (roof)
  • U.V. Rating: 50+
  • Size: 300 x 360 cm.
  • Height: 180 – 220 cm.
  • Packed: 185 x 25 x 25 cm.
  • Screen house weight: 15 kg.
  • Total weight: 18 kg.
Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 185 × 25 × 25 cm

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