Highlander Trekker Hammock


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The Trekker is a light and durable hammock and a great item to have in your rucksack. Made from strong polyamide and comes with a hanging kit and utility cord, this hammock is quick and easy to set up and enables you to sleep in more challenging conditions off the cold, wet or uneven ground. The Crusader Waterproof Hammock is ideal for military or adventure trekking where you could be facing a nightly threat of insects. It is well-suited to warm weather bivvies thanks to an integrated mosquito net and You’ll find many benefits to sleeping above the ground. Not only can you camp anywhere there are trees or high anchor points, staying off the ground helps you leave no trace on your environment. This hammock kit includes two strong lengths of webbing, two karabiner clips, guy ropes, and tough pegs.



  • Strong and lightweight polyamide fabric ensures a safe and comfortable nights sleep almost anywhere.
  • Lightweight – sleeps 1 adult
  • No need for level campsite, sleep in comfort away from the ground
  • Includes Hanging kit and utility cord
  • Colour Olive
  • Size 220cm (L)
  • Material Durable polyamide hammock. Braided polyamide support cord.
  • Dimensions 218 x 140 cm
  • Pack Size 16 x 10cm

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