Flamefield Camper Smiles Platter


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Elevate your dining experience with Flamefield’s Camper Smiles Platter. “Where every meal is a journey,” this Platter encapsulate the spirit of fun-filled camping adventures. Each design element is inspired to bring out the joyous vibe of open-air gatherings. “Set your table with a smile,” knowing this platter is not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to last. Ideal for both outdoor picnics and cozy indoor settings, they promise resilience without compromising on style.


  • Happy Camper Vibes: Flamefield’s Camper Smiles Platter, blending joyous designs with functionality.
  • Uncompromised Durability: Crafted for adventures, ensuring resistance against breakage.
  • Every Setting’s Darling: Perfect for lively outdoor picnics or cozy indoor family dinners.
  • Warmth Without Waves: Though radiating happiness, remember these prefer staying out of the microwave.
  • 100% Melamine
  • Dishwasher Safe at Low Temperatures on the Top Shelf
  • Not Microwave Safe
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 20 cm

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