Fullstop Security Hitch Ball


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Hitch Ball adds an extra level of security to your caravan hitch lock.

Designed to block all 50mm couplings, whether standard, braked or unbraked including AL-KO and Winterhoff stabiliser heads, the Hitch Ball (Also referred to as a Safety Ball or Security Ball) is used in conjunction with a hitch lock to secure a trailer or caravan against unauthorised removal.

Even where a hitch lock is used to prevent the coupling from attaching securely, if the hitch is left unblocked then would-be thieves can use a ground down towball or hook to tow away hitch locked caravans and trailers. The Hitch Ball prevents the caravan from being towed in this way.

Hitch balls are available to purchase separately or come included in all Full Stop Security Saracen hitch locks.


Weight 0.08kg
Height 110mm
Width 50mm
Depth 45mm

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 cm

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